Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Year's Halloween Costume

The Man-Cub chose an unusual character for Halloween this year - actually, it's not a particular 'character' but just one of the guys from the movie 'Holes'.

His advanced reading class at school read the book and then watched the movie (it's available in it's entirety on You-Tube if you haven't seen it). Unlike previous years I won't be dressing as the evil warden Walker (Sigourney Weaver - btw - the Man-Cub thought she looked like his auntie Karen - but he sweetly said that she didn't act anything like Karen). And he has requested going door to door in our neighborhood - in the past I have just driven him to the homes of several people we knew - Ah well - he is growing up...

There is also an orange cap with sun protection flaps - work boots and a wooden shovel to complete the outfit - will anyone know who he is - surely his classmates - but I don't know who else - maybe everyone who has seen the movie...

I was unable to find any orange coveralls in youth sizes - so I just bought a regular man sized one and cut them down and hemmed them up - they were baggy on the characters in the movie as well. Then we'll need to bleach them several times and get them really dirty before Halloween...


  1. that's a hoot. and tell the man-cub i don't mind being compared to the lovely sigourney weaver....we also read/saw the movies. i'm not THAT mean!

    although memories of the alien flicks do turn the stomach.

    love, k

  2. Oh no - I hated the alien movies - I watched the first one with Eddie when we were first married - and it still haunts me...



  3. I still love watching that movie! Tell him that I said, "Good Choice!! :) "
    Much Love,

  4. What a great idea! I am busy making cloaks this week!

  5. I'll bet the man-cub will have fun getting that suit dirty. You better get started on the bleaching. E

  6. I love it when kids come up with such great costume ideas!

  7. How funny! Hope he has a fun Halloween!