Friday, October 03, 2008

Pepper Saving

We had a few peppers from our garden that didn't get eaten fresh...

So I froze them for winter use....

I thought we might like to do stuffed peppers at least once - maybe like the ones we had for Thanksgiving last year -

I just chopped off the tops and put them in tall freezer containers so hopefully they'll hold their shape - I've never tried this before - I'll probably have to stuff them while they are still frozen...

The rest of the peppers just got a rough slice up and I froze them on a cookie sheet and when they were frozen I dumped them into a freezer bag - that way I'm hoping that they'll be easy to get out and not stuck together when I want to add them to sauces or scrambled tofu this winter - YUM!


  1. Your peppers did good this year. Nice color too. They should spice up a few winter meals. E

  2. yes, that sounds like a great idea to freeze the slices first and then put them in a container. aren't you clever??? love, k