Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend - in pictures - NOT

I meant to do a post this weekend of the Man-Cub on the new slide at the resort here - they just got a new 4 story tall slide - it's really fast - so fast in fact that it made me sort of dizzy. However, I can't get the pictures off my cell phone - believe it or not I didn't have my camera with me - that hardly ever happens. So anyway, that's what we did Saturday and then Saturday night we went to a polka dance - Julie Lee and her White Rose Band played - so much fun - but unfortunately no pictures from that either. Then Sunday we had Polka Sunday at church - that's always a lot of fun.

So the only thing I do have pictures of this weekend weekend are from the garden - where we cleaned up everything so that the Sexton can come and till it up before the ground freezes solid.

We pulled up the last half row of beets - the greens were still lovely - so I pulled those off - washed them 3 times and bagged them for the freezer.

And we also had a half row of carrots still in the ground so we pulled those and peeled them and froze them too.

I love to have a freezer full of goodies from the garden...


  1. hey, i had never thought about freezing carrots - i assume you'll be using them is stews and, k

  2. It's good to keep a little of summer for those cold days. E

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    that's wonderful! i can't wait until we can have a little garden of our own. and a bigger freezer. :)