Friday, October 01, 2010

Natural Wart Removal - It worked for me

...This post has been a long time in the making...and I've been debating about whether or not to even post it as it may fall under the "too much information" category...
...but hoping that it may help someone else out there with a pesky goes...

...Many years ago when we lived in Florida - I had a plantar wart on my foot - and my MIL happened to subscribe to a magazine called Prevention - and they happened to have an article on using Vitamin E for wart removal - this was in 1989 - so I tried it - every night before bed I would but a few drops of Vitamin E on the wart and in about a month it was completely gone - so that was my first experience with this 'cure'...
What follows is a time lapse sequence of my Natural Wart Removal process - look away if you're squeamish - only kidding..., I had this strange looking wart sort of between my index and middle fingers but it was on a calloused area...

So - I got me some Vitamin E oil and started the treatment - but instead of once per day - I put it on several times per day - pretty much every time I was in the bathroom for any reason I'd squirt a drop on the little wart...

This is the wart after about 2 weeks of treatment - I didn't take a picture the first Saturday of the treatment - but there was very little difference at that point...
When I wake up in the morning it's sort of hard and white and dead looking already...

This is after 3 weeks of treatment and it's definitely less hard and it's not as raised or high above the surrounding skin - I know all of my technical medical terms are difficult to understand - hehe... we are after 4 weeks - I thought it would be gone in a month - but not so...

...this is week 5 - this seemed to work faster in FL - but I'm not giving up yet...

...and week 6 - still changing for the better I think...

...Week 7 - I think that it's taking so long because the wart is in a calloused area - that's Dr. Affectioknit's opinion anyway...

I really do think the wart is 'dead' and that I'm just waiting for all the skin cells to be sloughed off

...well here we are at week 9 (or maybe 10 - I think I may have missed a week) - it's s persnickedy little bugger - that won't be gone...

...week 11 - still applying the oil every night...

...week 12 - or 13 - again I think I may have skipped a week...

...and now it is really and truly almost gone...

...and one last photo - the calous is still there - but the wart is not... have you ever had a wart? How did you treat it?...


  1. Wowzer. I have never heard of that treatment. I have heard of duct tape. Is there anything duct tape can't do. I don't know what chemicals are in duct tape though. Congrats on eradicating that bugger. Peace, Angela

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  2. how very cool! yes, i had a plantar wart on my heel - i can still "feel" it even though it's long gone. i used duct tape to keep an aspirin over the wart. it actually hurt part of the time - took weeks and weeks but it eventually disappeared.

    yeah, tmi! love, k

  3. Here is something strange. Back in 1969 I had a wart alongside my nail on my ring finger, right hand.

    I read that if you rub a wart with meat and then bury the meat the wart will vanish as the meat rots!

    We were going on my first foreign holiday to Arles in the south of France. I did the rubbiung the wart with the meat thing and buried it.

    We were away for just over two weeks and by the time I got home the wart had gone.

    Was it the rotting meat - or was it the ultraviolet light of Provence? No one will ever know!

    ps it is a rainy cheerless evening and we have just lit a wood fire! The dog is behind the sofa.

  4. You just never know what old fashioned ideas for cure- alls will end up working and I think the vitamin E is doing a good job.

    I heard if you rub a wart with the inside of a potato, then bury it your wart will go away!

  5. That was some stubborn wart, but glad it's gone. Dr. Oz said his family uses duct tape and it works. Vitamin E is good for a lot of things. MOM

  6. my daughter has one on her foot. I'll have to try this out :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I just had a wart right under my wedding ring. I'm so bad at taking medicine consistently, so I got the freeze-off stuff from wal-mart, which you're supposed to use only once or twice. I've used it twice now, and I guess the wart is gone. Still a little raised up and red. Could be just scar tissue - I'm not sure. I think I'll start applying the vit. e and see what happens.

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  12. I was skeptical but eventually became desperate enough to give it a try, after exhausting all other options I could think of and researched. The extract from this amazing and readily available herb works amazingly against all infections and viruses, and heals the skin very quickly. I struggled against a plantar wart for half a year, trying various remedies. It grew to the size of a thumb and I could barely walk. This oil ate it up in ten days flat. A friend tried it and said it cured his athletes foot within three days. It can cure cancer and seemingly any ailment. Word needs to get out about this.

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  13. I have had a wart on my little finger for months now, I have used freeze off, it did not work. I seen vit e oil works, and I had some that my sons surgeon had said to use on his scar from surgery, so I thought I would try it. 4 days later the wart is now almost flush with the skin, and is fading quick. I think that if I did not work in healthcare, and wash my hands several times a day, it would already be gone.

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  16. I am not interested in nor an advocate for"natural" or "organic" etc.,remedies.
    Nevertheless, years ago I covered a wart on the back of my hand with vitamin E and a small round band-aid. Four days later I removed the band - aid and the wart was completely gone.
    I was surprised, I hadn't expected such. And it's never returned. This is anectodal, not a scientific study, but it is my experience. Thanks.

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