Saturday, October 09, 2010

Nice and Clean...ready for winter... annual chore that I sort of look forward to each year is the big garage clean-out... amazes me every year how much stuff gets deposited in the garage and then never goes where it's supposed to... we take everything out and wash the floors with the hose - so this has to be done before the big freeze up (it's been unseasonably mild lately with highs in the 70s...

...and...there's something I like about the smell of wet we're ready for winter...

...Do you have annual chores that have to get done before winter?...or summer - for those in the Southern Hemisphere?...


  1. It's all I can do to get all the annuals pulled out of the yard and the sand toys put in the garage! Some years, I haven't made it...ugh.

  2. I've been thinking about this, there isn't anything I do. The Beloved has to take his boat out of the water, that's it!

    We are having an 'Indian Summer' and it is very warm - even at night. However, the long range forecast is for another cold and snowy winter - not my fave weather!

  3. Okay, lets just say that even when 'dirty', your garage is ten times cleaner and organized than mine. It's been/is a long process for us. Peace, Angela