Sunday, October 10, 2010

...a white Window...another small project about the house...

...for some reason the windows on the parsonage didn't match...

...I heard that they had bought the windows at a factory outlet to save some money - so they took what they could get in the sizes they needed...and all of the double-paned windows are very's just that...well...they don't match...and when it comes to exterior windows apparently I'm all matchy-matchy... I got busy on a gorgeous fall Saturday afternoon...taping everything up...

...that was seriously the hardest part of the job...oh - I cleaned the window very well first...

...then I gave it two good coats of paint with the new (to me anyway) Fusion paint...

...stepped back - and guess what - it was TOO white compared to the kitchen window beside it - Yikes! I could have sworn they were white... I hurried to Stuff Mart and got a can of off-white Fusion and just gave the window another light coating of that - just enough to tone down the bright white...Perfect now...

...I love the front of the house so much more now...Do all your windows match...or is that even important?... we just need that turquoise blue front door...right?...


  1. That looks very nice. The un-matchy would have driven me insane. When we bought the house, it had no blinds, so I made sure the entire front of the house, upstairs and down, had matching blinds, so even that would match from the outside. My Dad works in interior design, and he practically insisted upon it. Good call on the door! How pretty would that be?

  2. Yes, my windows match. I think it is important though no one can see them from the outside where I live. I don't like the colour though. They are green. I guess I could paint them but for now they do the job and I don't think I would do a very good job of the painting.

  3. Absolutely, the un matchiness would niggle away at me!

    I too think the front door will look nice in the new colour. It will tone well with the colour of the house.

  4. Your windows do look nice. I also think the door color will look great. MOM

  5. hey - yep, ours all match - but i can see that it would bug ya if they didn't!

    i agree - paint the door! that would be sweet!

    love, k

  6. I hate taping!! Loathe it.

    And I like bright doors, too. (Not on my house, however, we have dark red brick. :) )

  7. That looks lovely. You are quite industrious I must say! ;) Peace, Angela

  8. Very nice! Our windows don't match. We have five original stained glass windows, the rest also being original windows as well and these match. Except the bathroom window; it's newer. The others are all trimmed in dark green, this one is white. I hate it but it's on the side of the house so we haven't done anything to it. Oh and one window on the back of the house should go to our kitchen but whoever redid this kitchen before we bought this house covered it up to add more cabinets. So we have a window to nowhere. Nature Boy wants to get all new windows but I like the old Craftsman style of them so it will cost us a small fortune when we do replace them. Are you sorry you got me started on this one?!?!?

    Oh and the door--paint it! You can always repaint it if you don't like it, right?