Friday, October 29, 2010

...from shirtsleeves to snowboots...

...guess what greeted us when we got back to ND from Omaha...that's right - that's snow swirling through the air there - and Scout braved the 50 mph winds to go outside and pick the final bits of lettuce before they froze...

...and this is the snowy wonderland - it's a wet heavy snow - Scout threw a snowball at me (the first of the season) and it felt like a baseball...and you can see the swings swinging themselves in the wind... you had your first snow yet?...


  1. No snow yet here.... I am amzed by all the early snowfalls I've been reading about in the blogosphere!

    Yesterday was 68 degrees and I had all the windows open :0)

    It's coming though....

  2. No snow yet, but we had our first freeze last night. Was supposed to be a frost so I jsut covered the tomato and basil with sheets so I'm hoping they did OK under there even though it got colder than predicted.

  3. I heard there were some snowflakes but I didn't see 'em with my own eyes so it doesn't count! Stay warm!

  4. Thanks for the comment! The big one is supposed to be Clifford! :)

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Oh my goodness, I am complaining about 90 degree heat in my blog and you have snow on the ground...that is why I love my blogger friends all over the fun to see how "other people" live!

  6. We've had a few frosts but it would be unusual to have snow in most parts of the UK before January.

    On the hills and mountains it's a different story!

  7. Anonymous8:46 PM

    We haven't even had a killing frost yet! Though that's not normal.
    And in answer to your other post: We say scarecrow here. And great job on the costume!! :)