Thursday, September 15, 2011

...First Frost...

...this is what we woke up to this morning...our first frost of the now I guess...summer is well and truly over...

...good thing I made a trip out to the garden yesterday in anticipation of the first frost...and filled bag after bag of fresh veggies about to get bitten...

...and LOOK! - my very first OKRA harvest up here...I've grown okra before but only managed to harvest about 5 pods each was the Okra Perkins Long Pod that Cassie sent for the Seed I'm going to have to find a way to get more as I know it will do well up fried okra is on the menu for this evening...

...and about 50 lbs. of butternut did really well...the buttercups not quite so well...I'm going to have to find some creative ways to use up the butternut...I think I'll try a pumpkin pie with them instead of pumpkin...I've done that before with Hubbard Squash...we'll see...

...I also picked about 50 lbs of tomatoes in varying stages of ripeness...

...and one bag of on the vine ripe ones that we'll eat up fresh...I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to make some chow-chow in order to use them all up before they go bad...

Have y'all had frost yet?...did you get all your veggies in first?...


  1. wow, frost already??? we're still in shorts so far....i understand you have sent a cold front our way that may make us a bit chilly for a day or to.

    so, no, we haven't had to do the last harvest yet! love, k

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    oh yes. 26 degrees this morning and heavy frost. i'm going out to see if i have any flowers left to make a boquet of . . .

    good thing you brought in all your veggies!!!


  3. Not yet, it would be unusual to have frost before the end of October.

    Fab harvest!

  4. I'm living in fear of winter. This is going to be my first real one! Glad you got your veggies in before the frost!

  5. Wow, what a harvest. Your okra is fantastic. I know my mother would envy them.

    No frost here yet, but its raining - raining - raining.

  6. Ok, thanks for rubbing it in ;) it's 92 here right now and humid!
    Congratulations on all your produce and the okra looks fantastic.

  7. I have a couple of nice butternut recipes to send you! We can get a bushel of butternut pretty cheap this time of year at our farmer's market so once a week we have a butternut meal ( aka meatless meal, don't tell my husband ) I have a nice stew and a wicked quick stuffed butternut. Even hubby approved! I'll get them out to you!

  8. Also! Have you tried piccalilli for all those green tomatoes? Do you like vinegar? It is SO yummy!

  9. No frost yet but we are very close to dipping down into the thirties. The weather is clear and cold this week.

    What a wonderful harvest you've got there! Glad you saved so much beautiful veg :)

  10. That's a terrific harvest! Frost already wow!

  11. What a beautiful harvest! I can't believe you have frost already. We were happy today when it stayed below 90! LOL!

  12. Oh man, I am jealous :) No, no frost here in Arkansas. BUT it is finally under 90/100 degrees for the first time since May and I am soooo thankful for that!

  13. okra!!! yum!!! All the veggies look scrumptious.