Thursday, September 22, 2016

...Happy Fall Y'all...

...we have a bunch of Water Oaks around the house...and the leaves are not changing yet... I took my camera when I took Jack for a walk around the Church...where there are all kinds of trees...oak...hickory...maple and there were lots of pretty and crunchy leaves to walk through and photograph for the new header... you have any fall colours or weather yet?

~Wishing you a lovely first day of fall...


  1. yeah, it's kinda weird how fall crept up on me this year!!

    love, k

  2. Very little so far but the nights have been very cold but followed by sunny days so no complaints.

  3. Lovely new header. I'm afraid I haven't been out to look for Fall photos. Not sure if I will make it out. It seems whenever I have a 'free' day it is raining and I don't have my camera with me on the sunny days, lol.