Thursday, September 15, 2016

...W.I.A.Y. ...

Breakfast - Vegan Sausage Muffin
Lunch - Pasta e fagioli...this was actually leftovers from an "experiment" that none of us particularly I was just eating them up to not be you do that too?...or does someone else in your family?
Dinner - Baked tofu, asparagus, turnips, potato pancake...just another plain jane dinner... how about you inspire me with something not so plain...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Breakfast looks good. You are making me hungry ;-)

  2. Everything pleases me!
    I love pasta e fagioli.
    Yours didn't like it???

    This week I really enjoyed this dish full packed with peppers;

  3. two cute things - yes, i am always the one that eats the stuff that "wasn't the best".....unless it was really awful (rarely). and we had asparagus last night too! isn't that coincidental? love, k

  4. Where I come from that is a pikelet!

  5. If I don't like something I chuck it away.