Thursday, September 01, 2016

...W.I.A.Y. ...

Breakfast - banana toast, with peanut butter and my leftover ground flax seeds...

...then for lunch my blogging friend over at L'éphémère quotidienneté des repas et autres trucs de magie had posted a few days ago about Pizza au za'atar...and it reminded me that I had a recipe for za'atar bread that I had not made for a long time...
...obviously I didn't make it for lunch...this is leftover...
Lunch - Za'atar Bread with some nut cheese and a salad
...(the Man made the most awesome beets ever)...
Dinner - Roasted Beets, Cabbage, Cornbread, Grandma's Mashed, and Baked Tofu that was our day in was yours?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. OH! ;-) Thank you!
    Can I grab your pizza? It looks so delicious!
    Is the nut cheese home made? Looks delicious too!
    And those beets!

    This week I am eating plenty of this

    1. Thank you...I make nut cheese from leftover almond meal from making milk all the time...recipe here

      ~Have a lovely day!

    2. Thank you so much! I will do this cheese! It looks really perfect!

  2. It all looks so wonderful!
    Breakast: oats, banana and coconut milk and 3 Brazil nuts (for thyroid)
    Lunch: Salad, seeds
    Snack: popcorn
    Dinner: Salmon, stir fry veggies, Coconut flour banana bread

  3. Usual breakfast, lunch fruit salad, dinner was steamed vegetables and quinoa then later a slice of toast and peanut butter.

    My Aunty Margaret had an apple tree that had small red and green apples which were intently sweet and delicious. These old varieties have such flavour not matched by the immaculate orbs sold in the supermarket.