Friday, July 28, 2017

...Friday Favorites...

...y'all already know that Trader Joe's is one of my favorite vegan shopping sites... whenever I'm close to one...I usually try to stop and shop...just a little bit...
...this is what I made it out of the store with this time...

Organic Broccoli
Vegan Chocolate Chips
Vegan Cheese - y'all saw it in action yesterday...
Beefless Crumbles
Smart Dogs
Firm Tofu
a couple of organic Bananas
High protein tofu
Coconut Milk
Raspberry Sparkling Water
...a lemonade from France I thought Scout and Our Girl might like...
and an organic onion you have a Trader Joe's near you?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. hey - i'm just now seeing these last 3 posts...weird. i've checked several times since last thursday.

    yeah, i like trader joes also - good fun and good products! love, k

  2. Great haul. I have a French lemonade bottle with a cool stopper. I keep my oat milk in it.