Thursday, September 02, 2021

...9.2...Mountain Bike--Commuter Bike Conversion...Day 13...


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...there was just a little bit more of trickiness when I turned the corner from the bottom and started up the the very corner (4 of them) longer have a metal bar in between...'s easy enough to manage...but you have to be look back at the previous bar to see if you're over or under...because it changes at each corner...
...and I couldn't be more pleased with how it's turning's exactly what I was hoping for... at the very top of the old basket...there are about 4 rows woven with a much thinner 'string' I'll have to come up with something to replicate that...but it will actually work out really well to tighten everything up at the end...and there's also some sort of tape wrapped around the very top bar...

~Have a lovely day1

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  1. That is turning out beautifully!! You're such a smartie! Love, K