Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And a fun time was had by all…..

We had our Pack meeting Monday night, and the theme was Knights in Shining Armor. We had cardboard shields and tunics cut out and ready to be decorated, and then a procession afterwards to the tune of three blind mice.

We Are Knights
We are Knights!
We are Knights!
We wear our swords!
We wear our swords!
We fight and joust and go off to war!
We save fair damsels and slay dragons galore!
We’re loyal to King Arthur and Camelot’s soil,
Oh, we are Knights

Here we are lining up for the procession.

We had a ton of awards to give out, including the Good Turn award for all the boys who collected food on November 18th, and we had 4 new Bobcats.

We collected still more food for the local food bank.

My Den performed their skit perfectly and got a big laugh from the audience.

My karaoke microphone worked and then it didn’t work and then it worked again – so I was a little hoarse by the end, but all the boys had fun and it went pretty smoothly. Now we’re planning a Bowling Party/Christmas Party and a regular Pack meeting for December. The theme is Every Scout’s a Star – and I’m trying to line up an astronomer to come and speak to the boys and maybe (if it’s not 30 below) go outside and look at some stars.


  1. Hey - when do your boys move up to the tan uniforms? I have a pair of green pants and socks to match - don't remember what size, but MUCH too small for my boys at this point. I'll send them up - someone can use them at some point, I'm sure.

  2. Hey,

    We'll keep our Webelos in Blue the first year - then they'll be able to cross the bridge with everyone else after their first year and get their tan shirts. It makes the transition to the second year special too.