Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Frosty Mornings

These are some pictures of a frosty morning here - they don't quite capture the quality of the light though - they're still nice. That's just a heavy frost on the trees - not snow...

The den meeting Monday went well. The theme for November is Knightly Scouts - so we created Coats of Arms - then a Castle Pencil Holder - then we jousted - I tied a ring from the doorway and they ran with a lance and tried to spear the ring. They had a lot of fun.

I've also started another scarf for the Man-Cub - he wants a camo scarf to match his Northwoods hat. I've knit about 50 rows - it's just simple stockinette stitch - so I'm guessing about 350 rows will be a nice size scarf - or whenever I run out of yarn.


  1. hey! that "frost" looks mighty thick!! we're actually having almost an "indian summer" this weekend - mid-70's!

    both of the kiddo's cars are busted right now - so we're having to loan them our extra cars....both need transmission work....always something! hopefully, they'll work on them this weekend.

    i'll write in my blog soon..

    love, k

  2. oh! that is just beautiful. I have been swimming in rain here in Seattle for about a week!

  3. Hey K,
    sorry to hear about the cars - I thought y'all fixed it.

    Love ya,


  4. Thanks Sarah,
    Do you get much snow it Seattle?