Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Boy Scout Socks

The Boy Scouts have changed their colors - - they no longer include the red at the top of their socks - but I like the red at the top... I'll just knit me a proper pair of Boy Scout socks...


  1. i can't believe they'd change that!! have they changed the cub socks not to include the gold at the top? wow, an era is gone! i agree, the red at the top makes them special...otherwise, they're just army-surplus socks!!

    just remember, when he's up for eagle, he has to be in 100% official uniform!! love, k

  2. I think the centenniel ones are a darker green too - I don't know about the Cub ones - I'll have to check - 'though it doesn't affect us anymore - I'll remember about Eagle too.



  3. Are knitting in a 2x2 rib? I have a friend who would like me to knit a pair. I just need more information.

  4. @Katie

    Hi Katie,

    You're's 2x2 rib here...and I posted a scanned image of the old pattern that I used...

    ...wishing you the very best with your socks!

    Have a lovely day!