Monday, October 06, 2008

Butter Me Up...

With some Apple Butter that is - Apple Butter is one of my absolute favorite things...

One of our parishoners brought a box of apples to church for everyone to take what they wanted. I brought home the leavings...

The Man-Cub peeled all of the apples...

We crammed the Crock Pot full to overflowing...

Amazingling it cooks down to this - with no human interaction at all.

I like to blend the apple butter so it's perfectly smooth.

And you get NOT a lot of Apple Butter for a whole lot of work.


  1. Well, peeling apples looks fun with that gadget. Where I come from, the Jersey Farmers have a tradition of making apple butter in the old way, staying up all night, stirring it in a big pot. They call it Black Butter because it gets so dark.

  2. Hi Nicola,

    I don't have any trouble getting the Man-Cub to peel anything peelable with this gadget. I'm sure the hand stirred stuff is really good - but this is way easier.

  3. Your apple butter looks good. We are still eating ours made from dried apples, and I will make more since my tree did not have many this year. E

  4. it's turned off cool here - that apple butter looks like it would make a cozy snack!! i might have to cheat and get some of the old standby - white house apple butter! i'm sure it wouldn't be as good as yours. love, k

  5. Hey Mom and Karen,

    The Apple Butter is yummy - Bridget told me that it's Keith's favorite - I didn't know that. We were completely out of the first batch I had made so we needed some more - and I wish that they had White House here as it will certainly do...



  6. I love coming to your blog and seeing all the lovely things you do for your family. Such healthy eating and great home-made food... can I live with you?