Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Great Aquarium Switch

The Man-Cub wanted to switch his crabs from the 10 gallon aquarium to the 5 gallon one and the fish from the 5 to the 10. We spent an incredible amount of time on this project - I of course underestimated the task and only planned about an hour - and it took about 3 - so we didn't make it to the library Saturday...

This is a before picture of the small aquarium - I didn't get one of the crabitat.

First the Man-Cub carefully washed the crabitat - after placing the crabs in their travel carrier.

The new rocks had to be washed and then we had to warm up 10 gallons of filtered water and I only had 7 so we had to go the grocery store and get more. But finally the new aquarium was in place and the fish sure do seem happier.

But the most amazing thing was how much happier the crabs are in the smaller tank - they climb on their branch all the time and make little chirping noises that I don't ever remember hearing when they were in the larger tank - they must just like things cozy...


  1. That would be a big job. We set up Eddie II's 10 gallon tank and put his two betas in it and that was quite a job, cleaning gravel and tank and warming it up. Interesting that the crabs like the smaller tank. E

  2. Hey Mom,

    Yep - it makes the weekly cleaning seem easy - funny about the crabs 'though...



  3. I read this out to the man in this house. As I read the part about the crabs sitting on their branch chirping he said they may be chirping 'we want more space, where did our space go' - but the only thing he knows about crabs is being 'crabby' (but not very often!!!!)