Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sooo Not a Princess

I am so not a princess - however I was intrigued by the idea of a 'Princess Sole' - after I read about it on another knitting blog - sorry I can't remember where - but I guess if you are a princess and can't have a pea under 20 mattresses - you couldn't possibly stand rough soled socks. Basically, you just do reverse stockinette stitch on the bottom or sole of the sock so that the smooth side is inside against your foot instead of the bumpy purl side as would usually be the case when knitting in the round. These are my 'Boy Scout' socks - that I'll be doing a lot of hiking in - so I thought it would be nice to have smooth soles.

The stitch markers just remind me to switch to purl for the sole - I like how they are turning out and I may be making all my socks with 'Princess Soles' from now on.
In other news we finally finished the last of the Harry Potter books - Whew - I can't believe that was over a year ago that I posted about it - but when you're reading along with a young one - it changes your pace a bit - and since I always read each ending first I was never too stressed out about it - hehe...


  1. hey, i'm glad you'll have comfy feet for hiking....just be sure to take the number one remedy with you on long hikes (moleskin - synthetic, of course) just in case a "hot spot" appears!

    they look very nice and i have no idea what all that blah blah knitting jargon blah means, but i'm sure you knitters do! love, k

  2. Hey K,

    That's funny! I'll have to get some moleskin - we'll be hiking in the Badlands all weekend - it's a long weekend up here - there's a two day teacher conference - so we're going to head west...



  3. Oh wow, those are awesome. I love that idea for the sole!! Not that I will ever finish my first sock, which has been on the needles for around three years now. :P