Monday, July 20, 2009

Colour Week - GREEN

Today's colour is GREEN...
...this is Scout's favorite colour - from where I sit I don't see a lot of GREEN...this little photo cube came from the Columbia Museum of Art's gift shop and holds several old pictures of Scout......the next little bit of GREEN that I spy is on the bookshelf - a couple of Audubon books......and an old GREEN (but still comfy) wing olive GREEN Brea Bag hangs in the hallway......several GREEN things in the living room - Scout's Hobbit book......a very old and very tattered GREEN Broadman Hymnal from my childhood church - the Man is getting ready for Church in the Park next Sunday and needed to look up some old time the corner sits my lovely little GREEN hydrangea plant......on the kitchen counter is a pale GREEN crackle glass (I think this set came from Williams Sonoma so they're not old)......on the piano Scout's practice book - full of little GREEN monsters who teach the lessons......the little GREEN lamp that he brought back as a souvenir from a field trip......and a GREEN depression glass candlestick......on the door - an empty one of my homemade shopping bags with some GREEN leaves - I see I could have posted this one for yellow or orange - but it wasn't hanging there on those days......and a very unsightly pile of shoes by the back door (and I can't say that they are all Scout's - but these are his new GREEN camo Crocs that replaced the ones he lost on the canoe trip)......most of the GREEN right now is found outside - this picture reminds me so much of the old Windows XP Bliss
background - there are many vistas like that up here - with just open expanses of GREEN prairie and blue sky...

...the shiny grass
so lush and green
waving softly
in the wind
inviting me
down to lay and breathe it in...


  1. Green is my favorite, too. MOM

  2. yep, mine too! goes with my the "gumby" photo, k

  3. I think I would have the most green too. (It's one of my favourite colours.

    Ps: love the knitted bag.

  4. I love green too. I always feel better when I have a bit -o-green around.

  5. I had a bad experience with green when I was a child - but I do like it outdoors and on plants. Green walls and stuff inside makes me feel funny!