Sunday, July 03, 2011

Rhubarb Season continues...

...we hardly ever had rhubarb when I was fact maybe never...but I remember my sister making a rhubarb and apple pie...very early in our married lives...and that's what inspired this pie...when we both lived in Raleigh...I'm not sure where she got the rhubarb...probably from a mountain friend or family member as I'm pretty sure it doesn't grow well in Raleigh...

...this gorgeous rhubarb is from the farm where my little garden lives...we've had so much rain that I've not been tending it as much as I should...but I'll post some pictures soon...

...the Man chopped it all up for me...nice...

...I mixed it up with about 4 apples...mine were braeburn and red delicious that I had in the fruit bowl...but it might be better with a 'cooking' apple...

...mixed up some sugar-flour-cinnamon...and poured that over...

...popped a top on it...

...and baked it for about an hour...

...whipped up some coconut cream... very good...amazing really!...

Country Style Apple Rhubarb Pie

4 apples (sliced)
2 cups rhubarb (chopped)
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3/4 cup sugar - we used turbinado
3 tablespoons flour
pinch of salt

...and the super easy pastry crust from yesterday's post...


  1. Anonymous3:04 PM

    YUM! My grandmother made THE BEST strawberry rhubarb pie. I should pick some up at the farmers market this week

  2. Looks so good. I wish I weren't allergic to rhubarb!

  3. Mmmm! Can you believe my crazy family doesn't like pie?! So can I come have a piece of yours?

  4. That plate looks like it has little slice of HEAVEN on it!! YUMMMOOOOO! My Best Friend told me today she was wanting bake a pie today...going to forward this too her! Love your banner by the way!!!☺

  5. I adore rhubarb! This looks really good and d'you know, I would not have thought of putting these two together! I will now.

    My lovely Aunty Margaret made rhubarb and date pie. The dates came in a solid block and she cooked them to a pulp before mixing with the rhubarb. My uncle grew rhubarb and as children my cousin and I had fat sticks of rhubarb and cups of sugar.

  6. You are right. The only rhubarb we had when you were here was at your Nanny's. But when you visit next, we will have some. I have several plants growing this year and strawberries in the freezer. I LOVE RHUBARB. MOM

  7. Looks delicious. I just learned about coconut whipped "cream" and it sounds so good I can't wait to try it.

  8. Yum! I made some strawberry rhubarb crisp a few weeks ago and still have some extra rhubarb in the freezer...this makes me hungry for more!

  9. Yum! I love rhubarb pie, too. Our family tradition is to make a sweet, creamy rhubarb pie. I haven't made it since I moved away from the northwest, where rhubarb thrives.

  10. @Sarah
    Thanks Sarah! Yep - I need to make the same pie with strawberries...

  11. @Maria RoseOh no Maria...I wish you weren't allergic to it too...

  12. @Vera...Crazy...but more for you!

  13. @Maureen
    Thanks Maureen, the date pie sounds delicious - and I bet you don't need to add any sugar with the dates like that...did you and your cousins just dip the raw rhubarb into the sugar?...

  14. @Elizabeth
    Hey Mom! I can't wait!



  15. @Heather
    Thanks Heather! I love the cream...I could eat a whole bowl full of it...

  16. @Tami

    Thanks Tami,

    I love rhubarb with strawberries too...

  17. @Ammie
    Thanks Ammie,

    I think I've seen that cream pie at Church socials...