Tuesday, May 20, 2014

...Flying Dutchman...the super secret socks...

...my sweet Sissie's Birthday was over the weekend...and I'm fairly certain that she has opened her pressies...
...and among them were these socks...The Flying Dutchman...see...I couldn't even mention the name of the socks because as soon as she clicked on the link she would have known they were for her...she probably figured it out anyway...she's pretty smart...HA!

...if you don't know the story...

"In “The Flying Dutchman” (Der fliegende Holl√§nder) - an opera with music and libretto by Richard Wagner - the captain of a ghostly ship is cursed to wander the seas forever without rest. Only once every 7 years he is cast on shore to seek for the love of a faithful woman, which can redeem him. On such an occasion, he meets Daland the shipmaster, who promises him the hand of his daughter Senta in marriage. When they meet, Senta and the ghost captain know immediately that they are meant for each other. But then the stranger declares that he is the “Flying Dutchman” and tells Senta of the curse. As he sets sail to spare the girl his fate, Senta throws herself into the sea, claiming that she will be faithful to him unto death. Thus the Dutchman has finally found salvation, his spectral ship disappears and he and Senta are seen ascending to heaven. "

...I plan to post all of my many 'mods' to Ravelry...but you can see that I didn't go with the stripes...and basically I used bobbins and went back and forth...I had labeled one bobbin 'dark' and one 'light' to be able to follow the pattern...then of course I made the boat red and the waves ocean coloured and the rest of the sock (save the toe) just plain white...with a princess sole...of course...my Sissie is a princess!

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Love the socks and Happy Birthday to your sister.

  2. yes, i am a lucky girl!! the socks are fabulously soft!! my sis is the sweetest! love, k