Friday, February 13, 2015

...another University Tour... we finally make it safely to the University...
...Scout has a day scheduled full of appointments...the first one is with the Fisheries and Wildlife Mangement department...
...then there's a campus tour...
...including the dorms...and the caf...we all ate there...the food was impressive...and there were lots of vegan options... the afternoon we met with the Band representative...then on to Admissions and Financial aid... was a good, fun and informative day... luggage yet...I washed everyone's socks and undies in the sink and dried them with the hair dryer...we'll go to Casper tomorrow and collect our luggage...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Wyoming is a long way to go for a college visit. What is your son hoping to major in?
    My honey had to live out in Wyoming for a couple of years because of his work. I've made many trips out there. It's a lovely state, almost moved out there ourselves.

  2. glad you made it safely! funny about the undies!!!

    i'm surprised to see brick on the buildings....i wouldn't have expected clay soils out there. pretty looking campus and good looking lab! it will be fun to find out what he decides.

    good luck with the luggage and hope you can enjoy the rest of your vac!

    love, k

  3. my farrier worked in WY or Montana for a few years...loved it! so, Scout hasn't made up his mind on U's? I seem to remember WVU was in the running...?
    best of success to him; sorry about the luggage...always carry on a bag with necessities...Dave and I learned the hard way...

  4. It looks a lovely - if chilly - place to study. With three flights you know Scout won't be popping home at weekends to get his washing done!

    Had a mental image of you drying three sets of socks and undies with the hair dryer, made me laugh!