Wednesday, August 05, 2020

...8.5...W.I.P. Wednesday...

...progress on black sock #2...provisional cast-on is the tan row at the top...I'll pick up there after I finish the toe and knit in ribbing to the top and then do a stretchy bindoff...

...what's in your workbasket?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I'm working on two shawls and both have had their hiccups. But today is a new day!!

  2. Working on a large quilt, still piecing together. Knitting a pair of socks. Hand quilting a small lap quilt. It seems like keeping busy has helped me stay centered and calm through all the stress of this year, that and a occasional glass of wine :)

    You have got me super curious about your sock, I can't wait to see the finished product. Can you post the pattern?


    1. Hi Bean,
      ...I've seen your 'house' quilt and it's gorgeous...the pattern was published here years ago...I think the booklet is out of print...
      ...when I have a limited amount of yarn...I start mid-sock with a provisional cast on...and work down to the toe...doing a 'princess sole'...reverse stockinette stitch so that the smooth side is towards the foot...and then I pick back up and knit the cuff until I run out of yarn...just let me know if you have any questions...the pattern is really easy as it's from a "learn to knit" booklet that belonged to my Great-grandmother...

    2. Thank you, I will try out the sock pattern on my next pair. And what a smart idea to knit the foot first if you have a limited supply of yarn, it is really clever.
      I have put all of the blocks together on the quilt and am now working on the outer border, it is almost time to purchase a nice cotton batting and to pick out some fabric for the back, then the quilting will begin!!

      Thank you again for the pattern,


  3. Glad we can see the details on that photo. Looks comfy.

    Love, K