Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finished Toque

I was at a retreat over the weekend - I love retreats - more about that later...

I finished the Man-Cub's toque - a bit longer than I expected - but I only had a tiny bit of yarn left - it will go to the stashghan - and I did switch to 20 rows between decreases - so the rows between decreases went like this:

5 rows - dec every 12
5 rows - dec every 11
5 rows - dec every 10
5 rows - dec every 9
10 rows - dec every 8
10 rows - dec every 7
15 rows - dec every 6
15 rows - dec every 5
20 rows - dec every 4
20 rows - dec every 3
20 rows - dec every 2

Then you should have 12 stitches left - knit every 2 stitches together and pull the yarn through the remaining stitches. I made the tassel by wrapping the yarn around my hand several times - then slipping it off and onto a knitting needle and tying it tight as close to the needle as I could. I braided 6 lengths of yarn and tied that to the tassel. This was a fun and easy project - I liked the way the self patterning yarn turned out. And the Man-Cub loves it - I'm sure it will get tugged off his head on the playground many times...

The temperature actually got above zero on President's Day and there was no school so we bundled up and went sledding - great fun - and watching the toque flying in the wind as the Man-Cub went zooming down the hill - very satisfying...


  1. Hey - I just saw where you told me about the link problem...I hadn't even tried it....should be fixed now. Thanks again!

    Love, k

  2. Hey K,

    I checked and it worked.



  3. SO CUTE!!! Nice work, great design, you should see about publishing! I can totally picture the sledding scene, he must be the coolest kid on the neighborhood hills!