Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

The Man Cub likes making the cards - but never wants anything "mushy". You have to admit that Valentines Day is a pretty "girly" holiday. The idea for this year's card comes from Family Fun magazine. We tried to find a muffin tin with little hearts - but those aren't available in the middle of nowhere... So we just used our little muffin tin and they turned out just as cute - and a little less "girly"...

First he designed his card on the computer and we printed it on card stock.

... and cut those out...

then - we took his tin of old/broken crayons - tin was a gift from his Uncle E. - sorted and removed the papers.

Probably the most fun was breaking up the crayons -

Then we put them in the tin and melted them...

The end result - stuck to the card with double backed foam tape.

Teacher's card is a box of candy (Sweet Tarts) with a pink heart card that he cut out and decorated with scrapbook stencils...


  1. Such a fun idea and cool that you made them together. Crafts are the best!

  2. Hey - now aren't you glad you found something to do with all those old crayons? I never did and eventually threw them out. You know you're kids are growing up when there's no more crayons in the house!

    Love, K

  3. Nor playdough...