Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Duck Pond

We rode our bikes over to the Duck Pond for probably the last time this year. The ducks will be leaving soon you know...

We took all of our bread and the Man-Cub tossed it over the fence to the ducks.

They rush around trying to beat each other to each new piece that falls in - they're so funny quacking and pushing - the black ones are this year's babies - I should have gotten a picture when they were little and another one when they were feathering - they're so cute and funny looking then with half feathers and half fluffy down.

I think this is the very first time the geese have ever deigned to come over - they are so haughty...

The Man-Cub was thrilled with the geese.

He tossed them some bread too...


  1. hey, are there any canadian geese in that group? if so, do me a favor and keep them up there!!! apparently, the siler city airport is a favorite stop over point on their migration south....they congregate on the runway at dawn and make a real mess!!! it's not really a problem, but i've had pilots startled on final approach thinking there is "a bunch of GRAVEL on the runway"!! i have to tell them what it really is.....

    loved the flower photos - and yes, the petunias do remind me of the brick, k

  2. Sorry that brick planter finally gave way. They were always full of petunias. E