Monday, August 25, 2008

Sad Morning

The little baby bird did not survive the night. The Man-Cub was pretty sad. We buried him in the field behind the garden.


  1. hey, i'm way behind on my blog-reading/posting...sorry about the birdie, a lesson in the order of nature, i suppose.

    you sure do rack up the gifts at bday time!!

    and i loved the webelos scout photos, reminds me so much of our pack. i guess they're all pretty much the same!

    catch ya later! love, k

  2. p.s. my radon test kit is sitting in the basement now - it finishes at 4 pm tomorrow. i should know results in about a week. i'll be sure to post. love, k

  3. Hey K,

    Yep - it was sad - but we looked up the numbers for Wildlife rescue in case we need them again. And we got our Radon test kits yesterday.