Friday, August 01, 2008


I make my own soy milk so I have a lot of okara - relatively speaking - and being the frugal person that I am - I never want it to go to waste - I've added it to bread - casseroles - and even cake once - but I don't recommend that...

Bryanna posted a recipe for Vegan Parmesan that uses Okara - so I thought - YAY - here's a way to use up all my Okara...

First I dehydrated my Okara...

Then I mixed it up with the miso in the food processor

and served it with steamed zucchini and onions - so good...

and had quite a bit left over for the next spaghetti meal - or maybe Mom's lasagne...


  1. It's wonderful to hear all the things you make yourself - soy milk! Amazing. I convinced my husband to switch to soy milk and now he likes it better than cow's! A small victory. : )

  2. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I love to see this - making our own stuff. Wonderful!
    Thanks for the welcome back, btw!

  3. Does that mean it taste like cheese? Sounds and looks good. E