Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day

Yesterday was the Man-Cub's first day of school at the Middle School. A lot of people would ask if we were worried and honestly we were not - we always try to celebrate these transitions in a positive way and not make them seem scary to the Man-Cub. He had a great first day. He knew several people in his class and there are a lot of new and exciting things to do in this more grown up world of Middle School. He's excited about changing classes (they didn't do any of that on the first day and he was a little bit disappointed).

Opening the locker - he had practiced this a couple of times before we left for vacation - so I was surprised he was so adept at it when we got to school. His teacher even asked him to help other kids open their lockers...

His teacher said he could sit anywhere he wanted - so he chose the seat right in front of the window fan - it's still pretty warm here - high today is 86 and the school is not air conditioned - I love the neat stack of books - the Man-Cub wore the Pisgah Forest T-Shirt his grandmaw got him in NC...

Here's the schedule - he'll be taking both Band and Choir - it looks like a busy day - it's all good...


  1. hey, yup, they get along just fine without us!!

    love, k

  2. Yay school. Riley starts kindergarten in a few weeks! I think I will cry