Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another Vegan Sausage recipe

I keep trying vegan sausage recipes - I have yet to be disappointed - this one is very good too...
A Vegan for Dinner posted this recipe for "Soy-Free Vegan Breakfast Sausage. Mine weren't soy free because the only Bulghur Wheat I could find also had soy in it...

They turned out really yummy (Scout said in spite of the Lima Beans) and we had them for breakfast in a wrap with some tofu...

...There's no school here today (freezing rain - see Spring is on the way) so we had time for a leisurely breakfast...


  1. They look very yummy! I might just have to try them.

  2. i'll have to go to the Whole Foods for some of the ingredients - but this should be just right for my pork allergy! they do look yummy....the last time i had something like real sausage was over new yr's when sharon brought me some "turkey" sausage that ended up sending me running for the benadryl with itchy hives and swollen lips!!! can't trust anything i don't make myself, i don't think!

    i'll let you know how mine turns, k

  3. i re-read that and determined that i improperly used a double-negative...sorry