Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Multi-Dryer Eco 3000

We spent the day yesterday at the local college at Marketplace for Kids. It's a program for 5th graders to invent and market an 'invention'. Scout's invention was his plastic bag dryer that he made for me - with its spiffy new moniker - the Multi-Dryer Eco 3000.

They also took 'classes' at the college - Scout took a Web Page Design class and they had a super motivational speaker - and an 'ideas' class...

We had a great day and it was a lot of fun looking at all of the 'inventions'...


  1. The oatmeal cake recipe is up on the blog :) It's super easy, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. hey - i love scout's invention! looks like he had a good time at the school also....keep up that love of learning, scout!! love, k

  3. Wow, that sounds great. I think it's awesome that he got to take some "classes".

  4. That is a useful invention. Sounds like a great program for 5th graders. E