Friday, March 27, 2009


Sweet Raesha from My Love sent me a little packet of goodies...

I won these separately in giveaways on her site the pretty card from Valentines Day
and the lovely vintage ribbon from an earlier giveaway...

I love the card and am saving it for someone special...

...and the ribbon - it's so pretty - I can't decide what to do with it - but I think I might use it as a border on a plain white pillowcase - what do you think?...

Thank you so much, Raesha!


  1. yes, i think a border for a plain white pillowcase would be lovely! congrats, fun! love, k

  2. Cool. It's so much fun to win giveaways!

  3. It would be beautiful on a set of white pillow cases :)

  4. Make that three. Go for the white pillowcases. E

  5. oh! lucky you! that ribbon is gorgeous!

    it should border a plain white pillow case . . . or skirt!