Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lenten Suppers

My friend Lisa and I signed up to serve the Lenten Supper at Church - We're having 2 soups - a basic potato soup and broccoli with cheese - both vegetarian (neither vegan) - and three kinds of bread - one plain - one with garlic and poppy seeds and this one dill - I've posted the recipe before dilly-bread

- this is a double recipe - I still let the bread machine knead the dough - then I just plopped it onto my pizza stone and roughly shaped it into a loaf and let it rise in the oven...

...then baked to golden brown... smells so good and it should go well with the soup - the blizzard wasn't too bad - a lot of wind and blowing snow but not much accumulation...


  1. Lenten soup dinners are tough for vegans. One year, when I was first vegan, my mother made vegan soup for the dinner. Unfortunately she forgot to inform the other church ladies and they mixed in some other soup at the end of the night. When I was having leftovers the next day I was HORRIFIED to discover a bone in my mouth. Now I just eat in advance.

  2. Fresh bread is always a treat. The soup sounds good too. E

  3. Bread looks delicious! You must of gotten off lucky weather wise! We were snowed in for 2 days. At least 10 inches and major drifts. Crazy ND weather. :)

  4. glad the blizzard wasn't too bad (wow, doesn't seem possible to say that a blizzard was not "too bad"!)

    bread looked warm and wonderful!! love, k