Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blizzard - Again

Lest this really does become a 'Weather Blog' - I'll be posting about my Lutheran World Relief Quilts soon...

But after the rain and sleet everything froze up again - and we had another blizzard with 50 mph winds and about 4 inches of new snow...

This is the same picture of the 'lake' in our back yard from yesterday...


  1. i feel for ya! we're still seeing the headlines about all the flooding south of you.

    are the kids in school today? stay warm! love, k

  2. Yep, we're getting a blizzard today too!

  3. Those floods mixed with the snow and cold are really hard on Fargo. Hope they can contain the water. Looking forward to seeing those quilts this year. E

  4. wasn't that just the craziest thing! we are all hoping the freeze helped slow down flooding. now it just needs to warm up slowly!! eek!