Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Weather Blog

We have really 'interesting' weather in North Dakota...
...and it's Springtime so you never know what you'll get next...

I love how the wind is playing with the swingset...
...the entire field is flooded and it extends over the road to the right...

I know these photos are sort of dark - but that's how the weather is - dark-windy-rainy-sleety...

...this is the "LAKE" in our back yard - complete with whitecaps...
...this picture was taken later in the day and is a little bit lighter - look how much ground you can see - YIPEE!!!


  1. yippee??? you're nuts! no really, glad spring is coming - i seem to have spring fever this year more than most. the weather warms abit - just to tease me, then turns chilly again. i'm ready to put my sprouting tomatoes in the ground outside! love, k

  2. hey, i just clicked on and this is the headline: "River threatens historic flooding in North Dakota" stay safe!! love, k

  3. Spring weather in the midwest can be so crazy!

  4. eAfter seeing those pictures I feel the need to send some daffodill-yellow wartmth and springy-green thoughts your way!!!! :-) Enjoy the green not covered in sleet--loved the whitecaps and how the wind played!!

  5. You do have an abundance of extreme weather. Better water than snow. I guess you are not in danger from the flooding. E

  6. Wow, I love that first photo!