Saturday, March 28, 2009


Scout is now one belt away from his Poom Belt (Jr. Black Belt) - he'll test for that one in June...

It was a super test - he was more prepared and at ease than he has ever been at a test - I was so glad that he wasn't nervous and was actually looking forward to the test - He did two breaks - and one was a knife hand (I'll try and find a picture of it in the 10,000 that I took)...

I am one proud Mama...


  1. congrats to scout of course!! it is nice to see "maturity" start to develop (i'm still watching mine, hehe) love, k

  2. Confidence makes a lot of difference. Good Job, Scout. E

  3. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Congratulations - isn't it great to see your child achieve something like that?

  4. Totally cool! I was doing a Palm Heel when I busted my hand up...must be more careful!

    Congratulations to Scout!! Way to go!