Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Clean Room

Scout did some Spring cleaning and donating too! Here he is 'down the mines'...

We took apart his bed and he took everything out of his nightstand and scrubbed everything down. It helps him to see how much 'stuff' there was in his room - he's much more motivated to give it away...

A couple of 'After' shots...

He couldn't part with the stack of boards (yet) he has broken in TKD - they're under the desk...

We gave away 3 bags of clothes - one of shoes - and then there were two trips to the Second Chance with toys and books...
Now - all the books are on the bookshelf and all the Legos are in bins under the bed and you can actually see the floor of the closet - YAY!


  1. wow, can scout rub off on my "scouts"???

    good job - he's gonna be a fine "catch" someday!!

    on a completely un-related topic - i was browsing one of my favorite sailing blogs -

    and she talks about knitting mittens/items for a orphanage in Kazakhstan -

    neat thing to do!

    love, k

  2. Good job! I love the stack of boards!

  3. his snake is so cool!

  4. Good job on the room. E

  5. Thanks Elizabeth,

    I knitted that several years ago - we had been to the big zoo in Columbia SC and Scout saw some colorful snake plushies - and in his sweet little 4 year old voice said - I would like to have a snakey - and you can make me one Mama - but I want mine to be striped like a real rattlesnake and real rattlesnake colors - so what was a Mama to do but knit a stuffed snake - he has teeth and a forked tongue too...

  6. He is such a good kid to clean out his room. My daughter wont part with anything. Everything she owns in her mind is a treasure even down to the pine cone, sea shell and bird feather collections.

    I also liked the snake on his bed. I thought you might have knitted it.