Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We took advantage of the warmer weather to start some spring cleaning...

We took everything out of the garage - our front lawn was then a mess...

...swept and sprayed and washed all the salt and sand from the winter out of the garage...

It's so nice to have a nice clean garage - have y'all started your spring cleaning? How do you do it - do you take everything out of each room and clean it and put it back - do you air things outside - I was reading Lucy Maude Montgomery's journals and was amazed at the spring cleaning they used to do...


  1. hey, looks like you've been busy - always nice to go back in the room later, after you're finished....then you just wished it would stay that way with no further effort!!

    hope the man's trip was un-eventful.

    love, k

  2. Your garage looks fantastic! Our spring cleaning is more like spring projects. Last night we moved out the dining room and started sanding the floor. And I started working on the kitchen floor which is a sad and sorry state. I'll have to post on that.

  3. Nice work on the garage! Being a transient college student, spring cleaning always coensides with packing up your life and moving to the next dorm or apartment (for the last time this summer!). I love how it forces you to reevaluate all your possessions every 12 months.

  4. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Didn't feel like spring cleaning but I do like to air the house when the weather starts to warm up. And I do like to declutter.

  5. Spotless! I have all my gear that I have cleaned out of the house stuck in the garage ready to go to the Salvation Army.
    I am definitely going to bake those cookies soon, you sold me when you said they are chewy …. Love chewy cookies!!