Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Last Snowball

We've had rain and warm temperatures so most of the snow is gone...

...and that's a good thing - Scout is enjoying a 50 degree day and playing in the last of the snow in his shirt sleeves...
...It's so funny that 50 degrees in the fall seems chilly enough for a jacket - but in the spring - everyone is shedding their coats to enjoy the warmer weather...


  1. hey, cute that you're in shirt sleeves in 50 degrees...i would still have on a fleece and be complaining about how cold it was!!

    the picnic looked wonderful - i could eat that! we actually had TVP chili this afternoon. really pretty good - just canned beans, spices, onion, tomatoes and TVP. super easy and hubby actually liked it! (lot's of texas pete and pepper added, of course!)

    have fun, love, k

  2. Glad it's warming up for you. One last snowball. Yes the picnic did look tasty. E

  3. Anonymous1:51 AM

    It's all relative, isn't it. It was 9 Celsius here today, don't know what that is in Fahrenheit but it didn't feel at all warm. I wore a hat, coat and mittens on my walk this evening.

  4. 50 degrees is 10 degrees celsius.
    No way would I have short sleves on. This temperture is about as cold as it gets on our coldest winter days.