Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Freedom Means to Me

Scout was late cooming out of the school this afternoon - I was just about to go in after him - when he came out carrying this letter and the biggest grin I've ever seen...

It seems his essay "What Freedom Means to Me" has made it to the National level...
We couldn't be more proud of him - he is such a diligent little student - I remember him working on the essay and asking his Papa questions and deciding on which of the 'freedoms' were most important to him.
There will be an award ceremony in May and I'll be sure to post updates - YAY Scout!


  1. You SHOULD be proud of him! Wow, that's such a great honor!

  2. That is a wonderful achievement.
    I think you need to make more of that yummy looking chocolate pie for a celebration dinner.