Thursday, April 23, 2009, duck, goose...

It would actually be duck, duck, goose, goose - we have so many birds on the 'lake' beside our house...

Scout has been scouting out their nests - keeping a safe distance from the geese - who are sometimes known to attack...


  1. oh, springtime, how i love thee!

    we have lots of nesting waterfowl around here, too!

  2. cute, although i'm not fond of those geese on my runways!! they really make a mess and seem content to stay sitting on the runway until after dawn....strange.

    hope the green sprouts thru soon for you!

    love, k

  3. Very nice pics! In this one it looks like the goose is standing on the duck's back. How funny! :)

  4. your own personal lake is kind of cool as long as the geese stay friendly.