Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm going to have to buy potatoes this week for the first time since we harvested our potatoes last year - I think it was the last week of September... you can see - they are in a pretty sad state - but we used them all up and didn't waste any...

My Potato Storage System seemed to work pretty well - I think it just needs to be a little bit cooler - but I can't do anything about that - except maybe make extra sure that the laundry room door stays closed so that no heat gets in there. We'll definitely be growing and storing potatoes again this year - if the garden ever thaws out...


  1. Those potatoes look perfect for this year's planting. We plowed our garden Friday and will till and plant this week. Weather here is perfect. E

  2. hey, just got around to looking at all your posts for the last few days...loved the cold water one!

    had a nice, surprise, trip home again!

    i agree with mom, weather is perfect - even if it is a bit on the warm side!! 91 down here today when we got back home.

    love, k

  3. So I'm a novice gardener, and I'm wondering are those potatoes ones you can plant then?