Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dinosaur Party

We did this at our April Pack meeting - the theme was Jurassic Pack - so cute - but I thought I would post it here because it would be a super idea for a kid's dinosaur themed birthday party.

We made Coffee Ground Fossils

1 cup of used coffee grounds
1/2 cup of cold coffee
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
Small dinosaur figurines
􀀹 Stir ingredients until well mixed.
􀀹 Knead the dough together.
􀀹 Mold dough around a dinosaur figurine covering it
􀀹 Press your dinosaurs firmly into the dough.
􀀹 The boys should carefully pull the “dirt” away from
their “fossil” using tooth picks or a toothbrush and
􀀹 For harder products - let the fossil dry overnight - will
still be slightly soft (not rock hard).
􀀹 For softer products, place them in a sealed container
until used.

Obviously just a version of Salt Dough - but they do look amazingly like rocks...

Each Cub got a baggy to transport his 'rock/fossil' home in...

Then I made two sets of these huge dinosaur tracks out of cardboard...

We divided into two teams and had a relay race...

You had to stay on a track and then move the other track forward...

It was interesting to see all of the different 'techniques' for this process...

The leaders participated too (me included)....

It was a lot of fun and hilarious (especially the adults - the cubs pretty much picked up one track and hopped onto it and then picked up the other)


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