Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Planting Time - Make your own Newspaper Planting Pots - Tutorial

We're about a month away from our target planting date of June 1st - give or take a couple of days...

So we need to get some seedlings started - we make newspaper pots for that...
You will need straight sided glass and a half-sheet of newspaper for each pot.

Fold the newspaper in half lengthwise.

Fold in half lengthwise again - creasing well.

Center the glass on the folded newspaper and roll to the end.

The paper will extend beyond the bottom of the glass.

Turn the glass upside down and fold in the paper.

Press down well.

It should hold itself together pretty well.

Slide the finished pot off the glass.

Put the finished pots in a tray - I used an old roasting pan.

Fill with potting soil.

And plant your seeds.


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Good idea. Did you know that Lee Valley here in Canada makes a nifty wooden tool to do that?,44713,40757

  2. Very neat idea. I'll try that next year. I have a lot of formed trays that I could fit those in. I guess you can put the whole thing in the ground when ready, if it will hold together. E

  3. yeah, that is pretty neat - i thought i had left a comment earlier'd think i would be good at this by now....

    looks good - we'll expect to see lots of sprouting by june 1st!!

    love, k

  4. We just made some a couple of weekends ago with my parents and sister to jump start our gardening. Great tutorial!

  5. way cool! nice tutorial!

  6. I am doing this with the kids today! What a great idea!

  7. So simple! Who'da thunk!

    I should make some of these with the kids. We need to get our squash started.

  8. Oooo AWESOME! And it looks so easy!