Friday, May 22, 2009

Scout Wins Again - 2nd Place Essay

Scout won 2nd place in another essay contest - this one titled - What Agriculture Does for Me and sponsored by the local Farm Bureau...

This one was kinda fun - because Scout and his Papa were joking around throwing out ideas for the essay - and it went something like this - it's because of Agriculture that we have bad movies...

If you read the essay you can sort of see where that came from...


  1. congrats scout! i clicked and read the essay...very astute! thanks for making me think about agriculture in a little different perspective.

    love, aunt k

    BTW, t - my "word verification" right now is "untea" - no tea today? hahaha

  2. Good work, Scout!! I like the way you thought about agriculture. E

  3. Congratulations to Scout. It is nice to see they reward kids and encourage them with prizes.