Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did you Know??? You can MAKE YOUR OWN SHOES

I found this old pattern...

I don't think it's available any more - I googled it and found a couple of old listings on Ebay - but nothing current. It has sizes from toddler to adult - it's fairly well written and simple for an intermediate level sewer...

I chose the Mary Janes and I used only stuff that I already had - leftover pleather from Scout's chaps and the bottom parts of his cutoff trousers for the lining and the inner sole - and the green foam is from a box of fruit we got for Christmas - thanks K&D...

I should mention that a set of needle-nosed pliers are a great tool for turning a thin strap inside out...

The outer sole is an old vinyl placemat that we had under the sink...

The finished shoes - Oh yes - I'll definitely wear them...

...from the top...

right side...

...left side... me if you want the pattern information...


  1. That is awesome!!!! Someday I'll email you for the pattern... but right now I've got way too many other projects. :) Seriously, that is so cooL!

  2. Wow, those are adorable! I will email you for the pattern when I have the skills to make it look that good!

  3. You never cease to amaze me with all the things you can do, and with stuff you have on hand. Great shoes!!

  4. too cool! those would be great with your snow white costume also!!

    love, k

  5. Those are so cute!!! I would never have thought to make my own shoes--you are amazing!

  6. That's amazing. I think they turned out pretty well too.

  7. those are super cute! i love them!

  8. Very cute! I never would have thought about finding a pattern for shoes. Very impressive.

  9. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Wow! Those are totally awesome! Great job - it looks like you bought those. Very cool and resourceful.

  10. oh yeah, and I would love the pattern for these!