Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating Day

We're like a Hallmark commercial around here as we unpack all of our favorite ornaments...

Scout has his own box of ornaments - they are the ones he'll take with him when he sets up housekeeping on his own...

He loves taking them out of their boxes and and commenting on all their eccentricities and then finding the perfect spot on the tree...


  1. My favorite holiday decorating job is always hanging the ornaments on the tree! I love sharing that with my girls now too.

  2. hurray for christmas!

    i'll get to do all my decorating in a week or two . . . depending on how the next day goes . . .

    and thanks for the reminder about the sew mama sew giveaway day - i'm definitely going to offer a gift as well!

  3. You are getting set up. Reminds me that we need to do that as well. I love that Scout has his "own" ornaments!

  4. Your tree looks good. We have a fake one and also love decorating it together.
    It's December now and Christmas is well and truly in full spirit.

  5. hey - looks like you're well on your way to being in the christmas spirit! i've done a bit of decorating this year since it's my turn to "host". i think they've decided on monday the 21st.

    see you there ;-)

    love, k