Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Finished Sidewalk

They came back and finished the sidewalk...
...It's very nice - the funny thing is that after the snow the other day - we were joking that we could just fill it up with water now and let it freeze - hehehe...not sure why they left the pylon 'though...

...but all finished is nice - Scout loves that he now has a paved loop to ride his bike on...


  1. very nice...wouldn't a paved loop have been nice growing up? i loved to go to michelle weisheit's house because they lived in a sub-division and had paved driveways and paved streets. such simple things seem really cool when you're that young.

    have a good day! (i'm working today - it's normally richard's day at siler city, but he's still home sicky...

    love, k

  2. p.s. mom brought me that super-chunk t.v.p. yesterday (the stuff you guys picked up when you were home). i used it in some chili (where i usually use just the regular t.v.p. that resembles hamburger).

    i wasn't all that thrilled with the result. it was o.k. i think i like the regular t.v.p. better in that usage.

    what do you use the super-chunk variety for? i'm sure it's good - i just need a different idea for it.


  3. looks good all finished

  4. good deal! and before the real winter kicks in!