Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nanny's Russian Tea - Really this time...

Mom did send me Nanny's Russian Tea recipe - the one that uses real juice...


1 Tsp Whole Cloves
3 Sticks Cinnamon
2 Quarts Water
2 Quart-size Tea Bags
1 Cup Sugar
1 46 Ounce Can Pineapple Juice
1 46 Ounce Can Orange Juice
1 Can Frozen Lemonade Concentrate

Simmer spices in 1 quart water for 30 minutes.
Boil 1 quart water and steep tea bags until strong.
Remove spices and tea bags and mix liquids with sugar.
Add juices and concentrate and mix thoroughly.
Can be stored in refrigerator for 2 weeks and
reheated in crock pot, stirring well.

I'll definitely be making a big pot of this when we have friends over this winter - I think I'll serve it out of my blue and white soup tureen...


  1. I am so intrigued by this fruity tea that I googled 'Russian tea' and found this lovely poem.

    > I was feeling a little chilly
    > My heat is set to low
    > So I went into the kitchen
    > to get a cup of joe.
    > On the way I decided
    > That soup sound good to me.
    > But when I took it from the cabinet
    > I saw your Russian Tea.
    > At first is hesitated
    > Your tea would taste so good
    > but the soup was what I went for
    > and at the counter I stood.
    > I got out the can opener
    > and took another glance
    > at your tea sitting in my cabinet
    > I almost blew my chance.
    > I put the opener away
    > and grabbed a coffee cup
    > and made me a wonderful cup of tea> that really warmed me up.
    > Thank you for your thoughtfulness
    > You are such a cherished friend
    > your friendship means so much to me
    > I pray it will never end.

    By: Pam Christman to Brigit

  2. It looks so wonderful! and such a beautiful tureen. I really wish you lived closer where wer could realyl recipe share and have tea together!

  3. Now that looks like a recipe I want to try real soon. I wish I had a nice tureen like yours to serve it from :-)

  4. This tea recipe looks like something I should try ~ I seem to have caught my son's cough/cold.

    The tureen is really lovely.

  5. yep, that looks like what i remember. do you think she really had cinnamon sticks? i don't remember that.

    love, k

  6. I have had a very similar Russian Tea and I love it! I will have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  7. um, sorry, more questions (because i really want to try this!)

    cans of fruit juice? is that the same stuff that comes in tetrapaks/cartons?

    lemonade concentrate? like lemon cordial?

    oh, i'm so confused! it's meant to be the same language...

  8. Hi Mirella,

    The 46 oz. cans are just big tin cans - - but if it's the same amount of pineapple juice in a tetra pack I'm sure that will be fine. The lemonade concentrate is sold frozen here - - I know Minute Maid makes a frozen version as well. I hope that helps - email me if you have more questions.